With nature, with solitude we can connect .....

                                                                                                                                                                  THE GRASS


"Searching with Solitude" is my personal  introspective on the importance of staying in contact with nature and the space and freedom it can provide. This Fine Art photography, taken in a variety of locations in Sweden with and without people, aims to reveal a stillness and tranquility that creates a feeling of solitude.

I believe solitude is important, it allows us time to search within ourselves, to reconnect to who we are and the many aspects and sides of ourselves that may get hidden or lost as we live our busy distracting lives. Helping

us to reflect, to plan and focus on the important moments in our lives.

”For thousands, millions of years we had nothing, we had everything.

Everything was free, we were all free. Our home was the forest, the hills and the surrounding waters.

Now we own something, we all own something. But now not everything is available to us all. Now we live in our own homes, towns and cities.

Our methods for survival have changed, we work in constructed

environments, we travel long distances with great speed, we have clocks and appointments.

As modern civilised people we have greatly changed our lifestyles. But have we really changed, as human beings have we evolved as fast as our living environments ?

We must not forget where we come from, feel free, free your spirit, search in natures solitude. Our souls are still out there ! ”


                                                                                               KIM SAWYER



This project "Searching with Solitude" was initially started in 1998, soon after I moved from England to Sweden. Impressed by both the beautiful landscapes, consisting of numerous lakes and forests and the love and respect Swedish people have for their countries nature. As a photographer, I wanted to capture with my camera the joy and excitement of being in this new wonderful country.

As I continued to work on this project with my large format camera, which can be a slow process without the pressure of time and everyday distractions I felt calm, relaxed and able to think clearly about life and my emotions.

Nature can stimulate our senses and affect us in many ways. Genetically embedded within us all is a strong link to nature, by being close to nature in moments of solitude we are able to connect to ourselves !

These images, which represent just a part of my collection of work, have been taken in locations that are both remote and where man interacts with the landscape. Contrasting nature with man-made structures. 

I select locations not because they have exceptional beauty but because they interest me or have a personal connection. I aim to  capture with my camera the mood I experienced while being in  locations transcending tranquility, calmness and solitude. Giving me positive feelings that lead to creativity, focus and direction.

All the images for this project have been taken using a Linhof 10x8 camera with Tri X black and white film. Scanned and post processed in Adobe Photoshop.

Exhibition prints, 100 x 125cm, are printed digitally on Archival matt photo paper and limited to editions of 5.

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Exhibition "Searching with Solitude" at Galleri Skeppsta hytta.

Exhibition, "Searching with Solitude" at Oxelösund Culture center.